Construction Management Services
New Construction
Bluestone Construction's experienced team of architects and engineers ensures that every project has had sufficient attention to every detail so that the project meets the client's needs both financially and functionally.
Remodels & Expansions
Bluestone Construction's strong due diligence process provides our clients with quality proposals and estimates for the project. Time and attention to detail ensures these projects are coordinated with the existing building and the client's intent.
Current Projects
High-Bay Crane Replacement
Banana Room Expansion and Remodel
Bluestone Construction, LLC is a Construction Management and General Contracting Company specializing in nationwide design and construction of industrial, commercial, warehousing and retail facilities.

Bluestone Construction is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, high quality, cost effective solutions and recognize that client satisfaction is key to a successful relationship. We continuously strive to meet client expectations and budget constraints while providing optimal solutions that can save both time and money during construction projects.

Bluestone Construction has built, renovated or expanded food retail stores, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities nationwide for over 30 years. Our construction experience is backed up by qualified personnel; ready to manage your project from the ground up!
Building Your Projects from the Ground Up!
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Bluestone Construction has relationships and contractors in place nationwide and is able to perform large scale construction projects throughout the United States. Currently, Bluestone is licensed in the following states however, licensure can be quickly obtained in any state where it is not currently established.

*Arizona General Contractor ROC268897
**Utah General Contractor 8710764-5501

Estimated Completion: Fall, 2013

Bluestone Construction was contracted to manage the replacement of pallet storage cranes and conveyors used in an automatic storage and retrieval system for the high bay portion of Smith's distribution warehouse.

Construction Managment Services
Estimated Completion:
Fall, 2013

Bluestone Construction has been selected to act as the Construction Manager and Owner's Representative for remodel work at a distribution facility in Houston, TX. This project consists of remodeling an area of the main warehouse necessary to install eight new and four future Banana Rooms and includes demolishing the existing Banana Rooms. With other Bluestone Construction projects currently at the site, Bluestone has a full time team and temporary on-site construction office dedicated to the success of this project and others.